Extra Coronohulp nodig

Het is nog steeds heel hard nodig om voedselpakketten uit te delen onder de armsten in  Nepal. Mhindup Lama, manager van Maitri Griha en de staf werken hier hard voor…

De gehandicapte kinderen moeten nog thuis blijven, ook de schoolkinderen.
Er is een zeer strenge lock down zeker nog tot 15 juni.

EEN VOEDSELPAKKET, waar het gezin 2 weken tot een maand van kan leven, kost 25 EURO. Als je kunt….. NL50 INGB 0680247122 KinderenvanKathmandu

Namaste en alle goeds,
Marijke Groener en Ger Peeters,

Update Maitri Griha in Corona-tijd

Namaste on behalf of all the maitri-griha family.

I do hope that the situation in Netherlands is controll by saw on news. I do hope you all are good too. Maitri-griha is doing good and once a week we  do online class with children . All the parents were cooperative with us and happy to work by combining with the teachers .we give a food package to the children family last time and been long time and the lockdown is also added again and again .we are planning to distribute again second time to the family to make their life easier.Not only this much we did food distributing program in Ramechhap too, the disabled children family they were in the need of help . Due to lockdown the daily wages family are in big trouble this days so did the program. On behalf of them and from our maitri-griha team we heartily thankyou for your great support .once again stay safe and stay healthy. We will keep on updating to you about maitri-griha and what maitri-griha is doing . Thankyou Ger ,Marijke and to all the sponsors.

With best regards,

Mhindup lama

Battle of the bands 28 maart

28 maart organiseert de Ad Moosdijk Foundation een Battle of the Bands onder andere voor Kinderen van Kathmandu. We besteden de opbrengst aan orthopedische operaties van kinderen in het Nepal Orthopaedic Hospital in Kathmandu.

Newsletter Maitri-Griha 2019

First of all, Namaste and Tashi Dhelek on behalf of all Maitri-Griha family. Here is a Newsletter from 2019. Like every year we are very happy to inform you about the project and activities throughout the year 2019. We do hope you will be happy to read this Newsletter. All the children are doing fine along with our staffs and the children are progressing and staffs are working hard to help the children to have great fun by making good learning environment. Webelieve that having fun at school help the children to make progress and motivate them to be at Maitri-Griha. Of course, your kind and generous support plays vital role in surviving this project. Please keep loving Maitri-Griha and the children.

New van

Maitri Griha is day care home since 2011. To provide day care service transportation is the back bone of the project. As our project location is far away from public transport main station, we are relying on having our own vehicle. After many times repairment of old MG van, we were very much in need of buying new van. In 2019 Maitri Griha could buy new van in support from different organizations (KVK, Wilde Ganzen and SHBN). We would like to thank you all for your great support in purchasing new van. It will support us to move more frequently and we can reach even the children in the far distance.

16 August, the MG area was paved after a long time, It was hard for the van to enter the MG. We need to balance the surface between the road and the entry gate of MG. So, in co-operation with the municipality the road clearance and the road pavement work was initiated.

Now, we can bring the van easily in MG.

On 5th June, we set upwater filter. Underground water at MG contains excessive minerals and iron which was harmful fort he children. With support from Jan and Willemien we coul have pure and safe drinking water at the day care centre.

The Children and the Programme

Parents and MG interaction programme

On 27th July we conduct interaction program with parent. All the parents attended the program, it was open platform discussing in group, they could also ask the MG question and in the programme the parents were advised that how they can create good learning environment for the children at home. They were also told how to expose the children to the society. Still mentally challenged children are not accepted in the society even though there has been drastic change in the perception in the society in recent years. This makes us very happy as well, as we are also working for the sakes of this children. We would like to thank Mr. Vinod Kariali and his team for this wonderful program concept.


There are recently 12 children, at the day care home. Eleven of them visit regularly the day care center and one child come for taking physiotherapy. There are four children at Advance class and 7 children in Basic class. In the Advance class children basically learn to write, read, numerical terms and vocational classes like pottery, making candle and learning to carry out household activities. Beginners class will teach to carry out basic daily activities toileting, dressing and eating properly and at the beginning concentration and focusing on the given task is very important for the beginners class.

In January Nima Tamang joined Maitri-Griha. He is 9 years old and lived with father, mother and with his small brother. His family lives in Simaltar which is 5 km far from Maitri Griha. Originally, they moved from Solukhumbu to Kathmandu in search of proper health checkup and school that is suitable to Nima. Once he was brought in Kathmandu, they took him to Hospital and he was diagnosed with Down syndrome. Then the doctors suggest them to find a special school for Nima. This is how he came to Maitri Griha. His mother does the household work and father work on the construction site, and the whole family is depending upon his income. Hope his mother too can go for work to bring more income in the family, since they still need to take a care of his small brother. He has been doing good progress so far at Maitri Griha.

In July Asbin Bartaula joined Maitri-Griha. He lives with his family in Jorpati. This place is 3km away from our Maitri Griha . Before he came to Maitri Griha. He went to normal school but he didn’t make progress at the school and he was not treated well at school. His parents were looking for the school, where he could feel comfortable. it was coincidence that our school van used to go to one petrol pump for fueling, where his father work. His father learned about MG but refuse to bring his child to MG. He thought it is bad to send his child to mentally challenged children home like MG. Later he was ready to bring his child to us.

Children left “Maitri Griha” in 2019

Ashish Nepal who was at Maitri-Griha for five years, left Maitri Griha because his parents moved out of Kathmandu valley. He was making good progress and he was learning good in the class. Now he is not anymore at our Day Care Center. His whole family moved to Nagarkot which is far away from Kathmandu. It is famous for sunrise and sunset view. We do hope he will be happy with new place.


In 2020 our project will try to find place for the advance class children to go for work. We will cooperate with other organization and work with them. As we are small organization we are equipped with limited resources. So, we need to find the solution to arrange all those grown up children and make space for the small children.

As usual in 2019 also we could welcome some volunteers at Maitri Griha. Volunteers have been the great source for our project. valuable time, skills, concepts from volunteers has been helping our project to learn and grow ourselves besides it is great place for the volunteers for learning Nepali culture very closely and being part of Nepali daily life. So, we are always looking forward to welcome volunteers from all around the world, those who are interested in working with the children and help our staff to develop their skill. In 2020 Nepal Tourism Board is also organizing visit Nepal 2020; visiting Nepal this year will be special. So, we would also like to be a part of Visit Nepal 2020 and promote Nepal as tourism destination. So please be a part of this programme and visit Maitri Griha as well.

Finally, we all MG Family are grateful for your great support of you all. Without your generous support we would not make it. Your trust on us and our dedication on project task will be the best way to keep this project going on.
It has been almost 15 years, since the project started. It is a bond between you all and ours, which bring changes to the life of these children. Who would have been otherwise locked up in the room, many families would have fallen into poverty trap, when they cannot leave home to earn their living; many other brothers and sisters childhood would be miserable.The number of children at MG is just small but, how many household and family members are affected its unbelievable. That’s why we do really appreciate your support for the project. It motivates us to work hard and keep this project alive. Once again from the bottom of our heart, “THANK YOU ALL”


We would like to thank all Institutions, organizations, sponsors, well-wishers, volunteers and friends of“Maitri-Griha” for your support and co-operation during the year 2019. We need your love and support for the year 2020 as well.

We wish you all Happy New Year 2020, May this New Year bring peace, prosperity and success in your life.

Maitri Griha, Gokarneshwor-9, Aarubari, Kathmandu, Nepal

G.P.O. Box: 23741                  


website www:

Nieuwsbrief december 2019

Beste Sponsors, Donateurs en Belangstellenden,

Afgelopen periode heeft onze Stichting op een laag pitje gefunctioneerd, wat betekent dat ik minder aan de weg getimmerd heb om te netwerken en geld in te zamelen.

Gelukkig zijn er toch de nodige donaties binnengekomen:

Door een zeer trouwe vrijwilligster van Maitri Griha is € 4.000 ingezameld; zij is afgelopen periode ook daar geweest en heeft gezien dat het goed gaat met de kinderen en de werkers.

In overleg is er € 2.000 besteed om de architect van de verbouwing te betalen, de overige € 2.000 zijn reserve, die door Maitri Griha in noodgevallen besteed kan worden na samenspraak.

Verder zijn er meerdere schenkingen geweest van mensen die iets te vieren hadden, geen cadeau wilden en de gift geschonken hebben aan “KinderenvanKathmandu”. Ook waren er nog andere donaties van trouwe belangstellenden. Heel veel dank hiervoor!

Dit geld wordt nu overgemaakt voor het kinderfonds om de operaties van kinderen in het Nepal Orthopaedic Hospital (NOH) en “de teacher”, die de patiëntjes les geeft te betalen. Dit is ieder jaar een totaalbedrag van € 4.000. Ook dankzij het spaargeld, verzameld door Ocky Pladet, kunnen we aan ‘’onze verplichtingen” voldoen!

De reden dat de Stichting niet volledig heeft kunnen functioneren, is enerzijds dat er niet genoeg vrijwilligers(sters) zijn en anderzijds omdat ik ziek geworden ben. Ik heb een operatie ondergaan en momenteel zijn er bestralingen. Vandaar ook deze ingekorte nieuwsbrief. Maar heeft u vragen, mail me

Toch hoop ik 1 februari naar Nepal te vertrekken (de reis was al geboekt) en me weer met de nodige energie in te zetten. Dat sluit zeker niet uit dat hulp binnen het bestuur dringend nodig blijft!

Het gaat goed met de drie projecten, de kinderen en hun werkers van Mairi Griha, de operaties in het NOH gaan door en de schoolkinderen gaan blij naar school en maken het goed.

Ik wil U, ook namens de kinderen en hun werkers en namens secretaris Ton Kemmere HARTELIJK DANKEN voor de betrokkenheid, de belangstelling en het vertrouwen. Ik wens u dan ook alle GEZONDHEID en VOORSPOED voor 2020.                                                                                                                                                                             

Namaste, Ger Peeters